Outokumpu Dance Department 20 years celebration

25.8.2018 10:00
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North Karelia College Outokumpu's dance department turns 20 years in 2018!

Dance department will host one week of workshops, shows, discussions, jams and party in the dancing heart of Outokumpu - our studios in Servo and Multivisio as well as Kiisu theater. Bring with you a performance, class, speech, photos, videos, memories, reconstructions of something that you did when in school - and your Servo key from your times of study.

For more information and more detailed program, please stay tuned in Facebook.

Servo, Multivisio + Kiisu Theatre, Outokumpu

You can come for the full week or just the weekend - our main celebration day will be Saturday 25.8.2018.

Dance department is working on creating a festival schedule as well as finding accommodation for everyone. For now, let's just spread the word, get prepared and save the dates for being together in Outokumpu.

For more information:
Ulla Mäkinen 
ulla.makinen@riveria.fi // 050 3657149

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