Frey Faustin ja Francesca Pedullan Axis Syllabus -kurssi

Lokakuussa Outokummun tanssin koulutus Riveria järjestää kolme Axis Syllabus -työpajaa Outokummussa, Suomessa.Opettajiksi on kutsuttu Frey Faust ja Francesca Pedulla.


AIKATAULU 22.-26.10.2018
9.00-11.00 Ancient Kinetic Wisdom, Francesca Pedullà
12.30-14.30 Fractal Manifesto, Francesca Pedullà ja Frey Faust 
15.00-17.00 MOTION CREATION, Frey Faust

Tanssin koulutus Outokumpu Riveria, Kummunkatu 26, 83500 Outokumpu

1 työpaja 150€
2 työpajaa 230€
3 työpajaa 300€, ex-Outokummun tanssinkoulutuslaiset 250€


Ancient Kinetic Wisdom

Francesca Pedullà

In all ancient traditions, dance and music are vested with important spiritual and social roles, and are considered fundamental to the expression and guiding of both collective and individual dynamics. My research, which stems from a profound passion for West Africa's art and culture, focuses on the characteristic intimacy between polyrhythm and the dancing body and their powerful potential for the re-elaboration of the human being's relationship to its environment.The support of the Axis Syllabus and detailed application of bio mechanics has helped me to perceive and decode the intrinsic wisdom of this antique, yet timeless practice. During the work, we will discover the universal bio-mechanic and rhythmic principles on which some traditional motifs are built. Understanding these principles, we can expand our skills and move towards creative personal re-elaboration. My objective is to stimulate the student's sensitivity to the relationship of the complex and dynamic architectures of their bodies with rhythm, with others, with the earth. 

FRACTAL MANIFESTO Somatological alignment
Francesca Pedulla + Frey Faust

Somatological alignment implies respect for the inherent design of the body in the practice of postural "Neutrality". Practically speaking, postural neutrality is evident in the disciplined habit of joint contiguity or articular congruity while moving or when still. In this workshop, Frey and Francesca will look intently at the body's reoccurring fractal paradigms, and consider how we enter into relationship with our body, with the environment, and with others as we dance.

MOTION CREATION under the lens of the Axis Syllabuscrafting dances & transition smithing

Crafting dances that respect human biomechanical parameters requires critical thought: reconsidering impulses, framing ideas logically, formulating concepts coherently, contextualizing and challenging likes and dislikes, and perhaps most importantly limiting creative choices to specificity.It’s an impossible objective... success can only be partial… or practically by mistake, but it's what has inspired my consolidation and use of the Axis Syllabus tool-kit for these many years... the ultimate assymptote. In this session, rather than explain the reasons for my choices, I will share micro and macro motifs, the extracted essence of decades of artisan investigation and transition smithing. If you want me to unpack things theoretically, just ask!!As always, there will be time and space for dialogue, but I will rely mostly on you for observations, questions and suggestions. Do you like moving? Lets DECAMP!!!

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